20 Minute Relaxing Music 432Hz

20 Minute Relaxing Music 432Hz

SKU: LLH00001

20 Minutes of soft relaxing calming music to help you unwind and find release from tension and stress. 432Hz tuned music creates peaceful resonance in our physical, mental, emotional, and physical body. Healing music at this frequency releases emotional blockages, and expands our consciousness. Also referred to as the miracle tone, 432Hz relates to the Sacral, or 2nd Chakra “I Feel” and is closely assigned to creativity and emotion.


This recording of delicate soothing melodies is perfect if you are tired, or can be used to help you relax, pause, ease negative energy, escape stress, power nap, or fall asleep into a deep sleep.


You should expect to finish feeling both tranquil, positive, refreshed, empowered and invigorated. Inner peace, and harmony surrounding you, both body and spirit.

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    mp4 (.zip)


    HD : 720p / Stereo

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    803 MB


    20 minutes

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