Fireplace - 60 Minutes Ambience

Fireplace - 60 Minutes Ambience

SKU: LLH00004

Cosy up to a relaxing warm crackling fireplace, beautiful high definition video for that romantic moment, or to help you relax. Weather it's cold outside, or you need to create a warm ambience this is your perfect companion.


This original production is part of our Ambient Sounds collection, and is themed "Warm Fireplace" and will help you take time to relax and separate yourself from life's everyday stress. Drift away and imagine the warm sun on your back, and the new soft green grass under your feet. Have some precious 'me time'.


This recording, can be used as relaxing background sounds, it will also promote better sleep, and an overall sense of well being, perfect if you are tired, or can be used to help you relax, pause, ease negative energy, escape stress, power nap, or fall asleep into a deep sleep.

  • The technical bit!


    mp4 (.zip)


    HD : 720p / Stereo

    File Size

    991 MB


    60 minutes

    Age Range



    You will need a .zip file extractor program to use the file. Free versions are widely available in app stores or online. Just search ‘how to extract a zip file’


    If you need any guidance drop us an email and we’ll get in touch.