Taj Mahal - 30 Minutes Meditation

Taj Mahal - 30 Minutes Meditation

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This original production is part of our 7 wonders collection, and is themed "Taj Mahal". A collaboration with flautist Shuvajit (Bengal, India). The flute is a classical raga called Ahir Bhairav. Raga, from Sanskrit meaning "colour" or "passion", is a melodic framework for improvisation and composition. It includes pads, and atmospherics to help you take time to relax, and separate yourself from life's everyday stressors.


Have some precious 'me time'. This recording, can be used as relaxing sleep music, it will also promote better sleep, and an overall sense of well being, perfect if you are tired, or can be used to help you relax, pause, ease negative energy, escape stress, power nap, or fall asleep into a deep sleep.


Meditation has been proven to reduce stress, control anxiety, promote emotional health, enhance self-awareness, lengthen attention span, may reduce age-related memory loss, fight addictions, improve sleep, control pain, decrease blood pressure. Meditation does not require specialised equipment or space, and you can practice just a few minutes daily.


You should expect to finish feeling both tranquil, positive, refreshed, empowered and invigorated with a clear mind. Inner peace, and harmony surrounding you, both body and spirit.

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